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Handmade Carpets

Hand Made Carpets

Hand made carpets had their own importance once. They were used as wall hanging. But now they are being used as carpets lay on the floor and thus more in a functional use. Because they are laid onto the floor everyone walks on it, it becomes more prone to dirt and also to wear n tear. Hand made carpets have a long life and are able to maintain their beauty if they are well taken care of.

There are various sites present on the net that provide tips to protect and preserve your carpets – and are some. Handmade Carpets

We should remember not to experiment with our carpet by using different cleaning methods as it may cause serious damage to it.

You could also find a whole lot of dealers and suppliers on the net. They provide complete detail of their product including the care methods also.

Few points to keep in mind for longer life of your carpets are:

1) It is good to vacuum your carpet regularly using a home vacuum cleaner. Just keep in mind not to vacuum the rug fringes.

2) Carpets should never be brushed with hard bristle brush. When used it could cause the fiber in to change its direction and even can damage them.

3) Beating of the carpet to make it dust free should never be done as it may cause damage to the carpet thus wear n tear.

4) Hanging of the carpet in order to dry or to get air cause its fiber or threads to loosen up and thus may get ripples on its surface which is more prone to wear and tear.

5) Carpets should never be wet. One should try to keep them dry. If by chance they get wet one should immediately dry them. A hair dryer can also be used. To dry a rug that is wet, combing to the rug in the direction of the rug could be a better idea.

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