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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning part-2

Carpet cleaning industries are the ones that are specialized in cleaning carpets, household fabrics and upholstery on location. There are many such kind of industries present some may be small and some big. You won’t be able to know about them until and unless you’ve tried it you’re self.

Some people look for low price cleaners so they go for cheaper ones and most of the times receive a very poor service. The difference between a good and a bad cleaner lies in itself. People also believe that once the carpet is cleaned it gets dirty much sooner. The reason behind is that once you get yourcarpet cleaned by some products of inferior quality in a wrong manner your carpet gets much more attracted towards soil particles thus causing rapid spoiling.

One common thing to look out is of switch and bait. Most of the times you’ll receive a phone call, some kind of leaflet at your door by various carpet cleaners offering different services at a very low price which is enough for them to get your attention. The point to be kept in mind is that they usually don’t provide any written information. This is known as BAIT. So you eventually book them and when they come they will start with their work without even taking a proper inspection of the carpet installed and even sometimes the vacuuming part is skipped. The real thing comes now. They’ll charge you extra for doing anything that has not been mentioned earlier. Like for moving the furniture, for spot cleaning, even for having extra cushions. They could also charge more if they think that the carpet is much dirtier than as they expected.

Finally when the job is finished you are left with a poor standard work done also your bill jumps to £200 – £400 or more which was initially mentioned to be near about £58 and so. This is called SWITCH.

Another thing that is very common is DASH AND SPLASH. Somehow you are again in contacted by the cleaners in same way as mentioned above. This time the cleaners work on low wages and are sub-contracted. They also don’t bother about incentives as they have to do maximum number of jobs as soon as possible to fetch more money.

So when the deal is done they rush into your house, soak the carpets known as SPLASHING and complete their job as soon as possible. Finally, they dash off or rush towards the next assignment after taking money from. What happens is that at end you are just left with wet and soaking carpet which take days to dry and moreover, haven’t been cleaned properly. Your carpet may even shrink and will get spoiled very soon. Your furniture gets water damaged and in state far away from restoration. So the idea behind is that instead for going for a cheap clean look out for good cleaners available if you want your stuff to be in a good condition.

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