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Sky City One

Sky City One – World’s Tallest Building in 90 days

SKY CITY ONE – China Plan to build the World’s Tallest Building in 90 days

As we are advancing, so is our thoughts and ideas. This is what is being delivered in China where 220 storied World’s Tallest Building – Sky City One will be built in just 90 days. It will be a mixed use sustainable building where inhabitant could live on a floor, work in same building, grow food and shop from there simultaneously.

Project: Sky City One

Location: Changsha, China

Builders: Broad Sustainable Construction

Type: Mixed use

Construction Started: June, 2013

Estimated completion: January 2014

Height: 838 m

Broad Sustainable Building had intended to build a 666-meter (2,185 ft) skyscraper, but the local government wanted the world’s tallest building, hence the current plans. The company has constructed 20 buildings in China using the same method and has several franchise partners globally. It has a planned helipad at a height of 739.8 m (2,427 ft) above ground. If Sky City One is built as planned, it would be tallest building in the world until the Jeddah Tower in Jeddah is complete (currently under construction, planned to be opened in 2019), with 202 floors.

The construction plan calls for it to be built from prefabricated units constructed on site in an unprecedentedly short period of 90 days. BSB’s plan is to assemble 95% of the building in its factory before any excavation takes place at the construction site. The fabrication process is due to take around six months before the actual construction begins.

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Sky City One

sky city crossection and floor plan

sky city floor plans

Sky City floor plan - 121-200 floors plan

sky city floor plans

Sky city key notes

Sky city specifications

Sky city tower construction mechanism

Sky city tower Prefabricated modules

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Image Source: Broad Sustainable Construction, Wikipedia, google images

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