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Science Museum Literature Study

As discussed in a post about the Case Study of Kolkata Science Museum posted here – Kolkata Science Museum Case Study. I received a lot of emails for some more information about science museums, so I am posting a brief Theoretical Literature Study which I managed to prepare in very short time. Kindly go through it and I hope it may help those who are in need of it.

valencia city of arts and science museum

A museum is an institution which assembles, studies and conserves the objects, in order to set them before public for communication and knowledge supported by them. The true conception of a museum is an institution with educational uses. The principle is presentationScience Museum i.e. to exhibit the objects belonging to the collection. Visual and tactile experience is used to sharpen the encounter between the object and the observer. Hence also serve as an inspiration for personal growth. The success of museums depend on three circumstances:

  • Firstly, their connection with modern ideas of progress and evolution.
  • Secondly, their optimistic approach for authenticity.
  • Thirdly, their aim of reflecting history on basis of documents.

They present natural phenomena, technology innovations and scientific ideas. The experience motivates children and adults to become more inquisitive.

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