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January 10, 2018 - February 25, 2018

CP KUKREJA PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2018 - celebrating architecture

CP Kukreja Photography Awards 2018 is a prestigious photography competition conducted by Foundation for Design Excellence. The award attempts to honour varied visual styles and interpretations by photographers, architects, designers and enthusiasts to acknowledge disciplines as varied as Architecture, Urban Design, Interior Design, Public Art, Construction Engineering, Urban Sociology and Landscape Design.

Competition Theme: “Celebrating Architecture”

CP Kukreja Architects (CPKA) has been selected by one of the world’s leading architectural journals, World Architecture, U.K. among the top 100 architecture firms in the world. It is one of the most influential architectural practices of the country and a multidisciplinary firm where each project is a milestone and each design, an art. Photographers have long been an integral element of the architect’s work. The competition invites innovative shots of architectural works designed by CP Kukreja Architects with a subjective conceptual imagery of its own. Entries with unique concepts that exemplify building design, its architectural features, interiors, landscape, structure, intricate detailing, elevations, aerial shots and integration of architecture with nature are welcome. CP KUKREJA PHOTOGRAPHY

The shots should express architectural or aesthetic idea. The images will be considered for their degree of freshness, aesthetic qualities, intention and charm.


1. The competition is open to allindividuals who have an eye for photography.
2. There are no restrictions with regards to age or country.
3. No professional qualifications are necessary.

Competition Outline:

Medium of Submission Entries

1. The entries are restricted to no more than 5 numbers per person.
Softcopies have to be presented as high resolution images of value no less than 300 dpi. (via smart phones or cameras)
2. Soft copies should be in compatible versions of the following software formats: JPEG, PNGand TIFF.
3. Participants should not mention their names in any file. However, serial no. of the photograph, the name of the project clicked and its location shall be mentioned in the title of the file. Photographs shall only bear the ‘Registration No.’ that would be provided to each entry on due registration through email. This number must appear compulsorily on the name of the file for eachphotograph submitted along with the project details.
[File name: 0001(Reg. No.)-01(S. No. of photograph), East Delhi Mall (Project Name), New Delhi (Project Location)]


A small note of declaration has to be duly signed and self-attested by the participants mentioning:
1. The photograph entered in this competition has not been published previously in any official media.
2. The photograph entered in this competition is not a part or in full any professional work or academic assignment executed in their respective firms or institutions.
3. The photographs are originals (have not been edited) and have not been manipulated or copied from any other previously published work in any official media.
4. Competition entries that qualify as winners for these awards shall not be published in any official media without prior permission from CP Kukreja Photography Awards 2018.
(If not pertained with the above-said rules, it may lead to disqualification from the photography competition without any prior notice.)


Individuals who wish to participate have to register through confirmation by email to the mentioned email id for Registration along with the following details.
1. Name
2. Address
3. Contact No.
4. Email ID
5. Date of Birth (optional)
6. Qualification (optional)
No names of participants should appear in any of the entries (photographs). Participants who wish to un-register are requested to notify through an email on the same email id. Registration is free of cost.

More Information on the Facebook Website: https://www.facebook.com/cpkphotographyawards2018/

Registration Email ID:cpka.awards@gmail.com

CP Kukreja photography award


Opening date of Registration: 10thJanuary 2018
Last date of Registration: 10thFebruary 2018
Last date for submission of entries: 25thFebruary 2018
Declaration of Results: 1stMarch 2018
Award ceremony& Exhibition: 5th March 2018

1. Winner Prize: Cash Prize of INR 50,000
2. Certificate of Quality:The “CPKA Photography Awards Certificate” is a proof of quality of shots which you can use to highlight the qualifications of your photographic skills.
3. Publication in website of CP Kukreja Architects, as well as other websites and leading magazines of South Asia.
4. Felicitation in a prestigious award ceremony.

Special Mention for CP Kukreja Photography Award:

3 selected entries to be declared as Special Mentions and will be duly displayed in an exhibition and prominently be published in leading architecture publications and magazine on jury’s discretion.

Note : All the images and content have been taken from the organizer’s website.