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Office Interior Design is as vital whether the office is at your home or in a commercial building. In either of the cases, a proper planning is necessary to get the best results.
•An ideal office is one which has all the comfort, safety and functionality along with eye catching environment.
•Interior design is an important consideration, whether you are decorating your home or company’s offices. The right décor choices and the proper accents set the tone of quiet elegance that is so vital in an office.
•When you step into a professional workspace, you immediately notice not just the employees but their  surroundings.
•Choosing the right office décor doesn’t just make things “look nice”—it can positively affect visitors’ opinions of a company.
•It can also affect employee productivity and even employee health.
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Ar. Guneet Singh Khurana is a visionary architect, author, educator and currently working in Design Arch as Principal Architect. He holds degree Bachelor's in Architecture from Department of Architecture, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. His creative approach and interest in designing inspired him to pursue future in field of architecture. He has over five years of extensive experience in the field of architecture and urban design. He is the founder of (a resource portal, founded in June 2008, dedicated to providing information and knowledge to the growing community of architecture, interior design, landscape and planning). He is recipient of the PAFE Award for excellence in the field of Environment friendly architecture and University Scholarship for excellence in academics.


  • January 18, 2016


    Great blog post. It will be very helpful while renovating my office. Thanks for sharing.

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