Drawing of lift elevator

Construction Detail of Lift Elevator

Lift Elevator

Structural Component of Lifts :- There are majorly 3 main components of a lift elevator.

  1. Moist way or shaft or lift wellpassenger-lift
  2. Machine Room
  3. Lift lit

Terminology :-

  • Lift car
  • Pit
  • Lift lope ways
  • V groove
  • U-groove
  • Lift Car
  • Counter Weight
  • Driving Sheaves/Pulley
  • Hoist Rope
  • Guiding Rails- in which counter weights more
  • Guiding frames
  • Guiding shoes
  • Break
  • Electric drive motor
  • Power supply controller
  • Lift cars
  • Car Rails
  • Guiding Shoes(Below Cabin)
  • Car Frame

Classification of Lift Elevator :-

  1. Drum Type- Rope wounds around a drum
  2. Traction Type- Pulley/Breaks/Motor
  3. Gearless
  4. Geared

Types of Lift :- There are four types of lift

  • Passenger lifts
  • Hospital or Bed lifts
  • Goods or Freight lift
  • Service lifts or Dumb waiter

Passenger Lifts

These lifts are used in Low or Medium Class Flats (speed does not exceed 0.5m/s and carries 4-6 people), Office Buildings, Hotels and High Class flats.

Method of Operation-

  • Attendant Operation
  • Automatic Push Button
  • Selective Collective Group Operation(for particular floors)
  • Autotropic(for high storeyed buildings more than 30floors)
  • Signal Opeartion
  • Shops & Departmental stores
  • These Cars are designed for 12-20 person

Hospital Lifts  Same method of operation – Automatic Push Buttondetails of hospital lift

Efficiency of lift depends upon-

  • Quality- Average passenger, time at various floors
  • Quantity-No of persons/weight
  • Type of lift operations:-
  • Manual Car switch operation
  • Automatic-cum-attendent operation
  • Selective Collective Operation
  1. Simplex
  2. Duplex
  3. Multiplex

Important Structural components :-

  • Arrangement of lifts
  • Location of lifts
  • Breaks
  • Rope & Rope materials

Here’s drawings on Lift elevators with some of the specifications which may help in construction.Lift drawing

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