Burnham Pavilion Zaha Hadid Architects

Burnham Pavilion / Zaha Hadid Architects

Project Name: Burnham Pavilion

Architect: Zaha Hadid Architects

Location: Chicago, United States

Floor Area: 120 square meter

Site Area: 500 square meter

Footprint: 300 square meter

Project Year: 2009

Local Architect: The Gray Circle

Structure Engineers: Rockey Structures

Project Architect: Jens Borstelmann, Thomas Vietzke

Project Team: Teoman Ayas, Evan Eriebacher

Fabricator: Fabric Images

Lighting / Electrical: Tracey Dear

Sound Installation: Experimental Sound Studio

Client: Burnham Plan Centennial

Photographs: Michelle Litvin, Roland Halbe, Thomas Gray

A temporary pavilion designed and erected in Chicago’s Millennium Park as part of the Burnham Plan celebrations – reflecting the Chicago’s long tradition for embracing cutting edge architecture in an intricate but fluid structure that incorporates hidden traces of Burnham and Bennett’s original 1909 plans to redevelop the city.








The design merged new formal concepts, while also incorporating hidden traces of Burnham and Bennett’s organizational systems and architectural representations to produce a structure that was both complex but strikingly coherent.

The pavilion was composed of an intricate bent-aluminium frame, each element shaped and welded to create a unique curvilinear form. Outer and inner fabrics were wrapped tightly around the interior frame to create a distinctively fluid shape. The skins also served as screens for video-installations within the pavilion.

Viewed within the context of the wider Centennial celebrations, the pavilion’s design and construction undoubtedly invited and encouraged public discourse on the future of cities. Designed and built to maximize recycling and re-use of materials, it will be undoubtedly be used again in the future, either in Chicago or other locations.

(Content Source : http://www.zaha-hadid.com/architecture/burnham-pavillion/)


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