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Art in Architecture

Art in Architecture

Art in Architecture

The word art is derived from arti, the craft guilds of the Italian renaissance, when arti denoted craftsmanship, skill, mastery of form, inventiveness, associations that exist between form and ideas and between techniques and materials.

Study of Art History : Study of the history of art is a relatively recent phenomenon; prior to the Renaissance , the modern concept of “art” did not exist, and art was used to refer to workmanship by generally anonymous trades-people. The present era has accepted the art of the past and of other cultures or an unprecedented scale.

Art Through Ages : The history of art usually refers to the history of the visual arts, such as painting, sculpture and architecture. The term also encompasses theory of the visual arts. It is not usually taken or intended to refer to the performing arts or literary arts. The history of art attempts an objective survey of art throughout human history, classifying cultures and periods and noting their distinguishing features and influences.

Art in Architecture is a statement which explains about different types of art through ages and its use in Architecture. Art and architecture goes side by side while planning and designing of spaces around. Here is a short powerpoint presentation on Art in Architecture.