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Here is a short article which discusses about the glasses used in Burj Khalifa for solar and thermal control.

Palm Jumeirah, one of the most audacious engineering projects the world has ever seen, is an artificial island in the

While browsing on net for concrete constructions, I came across this very informative article. Hope it will be of some

These Building bye-laws of Amritsar may be called the Municipal Council (Erection and Re-erection of Building) Bye-laws, 2007. These shall come into force at

Many students are still unaware about architecture as career option even for those who did not take up science in

Passive cooling techniques are least expensive means of cooling a home which maximizes the efficiency of the building envelope without

We have entered in such an era where energy efficiency has become a prime concern. It not only has become important

Books are the best friends of every individuals. They help you enhance your personality and knowledge in every field you

It order to develop a good design, we must go by the design process. It involves various steps- Goals Aims & Objectives Requirements