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As an architectural student, you’re most likely learning a great variety of tips and tricks to help you become successful

PNEUMATIC STRUCTURES Man, a super active creation of GOD has always constructed mobile buildings - partly because they were interested in

Parameters for Energy Efficiency: As in previous post, we discussed about the concepts of energy efficiency, here i am dealing with

Importance and type of Construction Gears Construction involves the process of building infrastructure or a facility. It includes residential construction, bridge erection,

What is architecture? Let's have a brief information through the video. [youtube]

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Lift Elevator Structural Component of Lifts :- There are majorly 3 main components of a lift elevator. Moist way or shaft or

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building ever existing on the Earth having a height of 828m (2717 ft). The construction

These Building bye-laws of Amritsar may be called the Municipal Council (Erection and Re-erection of Building) Bye-laws, 2007. These shall come into force at

Excavation - Trenches shall be dug to exact width of foundation and to the maximum should be vertical (vertically especially to