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Study of Architecture and design

Architecture is all about thinking. The more you think about the solutions of any architectural problem, the more architectural feelings

Concept of construction management, project management and construction planning was given by Fredrick Winslor Taylor (1911) as Scientific Management Theory. The

Question: I have completed my B.Arch with interior branch. Now I want to do M.Arch but am confused which field

While browsing on net for concrete constructions, I came across this very informative article. Hope it will be of some

Chandigarh : Green City of North India Since Punjab was divided into two parts, the capital was left in Pakistan therefore

Here are some of the best architecture colleges in India. You may check them and contact the faculty directly. School of

Design’s “Yearly Planner” First year The main aim of the first year is to inculcate in all the actual spirit of architecture

Architecture is an art of organizing the space not only functionally but beautifully. To me the Scope of Architecture is

Objectives of Architecture It is to provide healthy conditions, comfort and safety to the inhabitants’ i.e. functional compatibility. It can be