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Now a day it is very common thing and everyone knows that high intensity rainfall or cyclones can cause pluvial

Whether you’re building your first home or you’re designing a commercial building, energy efficiency is a huge must for all

As an architectural student, you’re most likely learning a great variety of tips and tricks to help you become successful

Zero Energy Building, also known as NZEB (net zero energy building) or net zero building or ZNE (zero net energy)

Parameters for Energy Efficiency: As in previous post, we discussed about the concepts of energy efficiency, here i am dealing with

Bioclimatic Architecture designs can be achieved in various methods.. A few of them like solar energy utilization and wind processing have

The purpose of Energy Conservation Building Codes (ECBC) is to provide minimum requirements for energy-efficient design and construction of buildings

Solar Energy Devices: As the time is proceeding further, the demands for energy are increasing. This is not only causing

Passive cooling techniques are least expensive means of cooling a home which maximizes the efficiency of the building envelope without

We have entered in such an era where energy efficiency has become a prime concern. It not only has become important